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The Young Sir George

The Entourage

See the British Entourage to the Right.

It may not surprise you to know that travel was a pretty big deal in the 1790s and took a lot of preparation and a lot of people.


Accompanying the two Georges to China were;

Earl McCartney – leader of the expedition

Two Chinese language translators

Two Medical professionals

Two Artists: Thomas Hickey (portrait)

and William Alexander (landscape)

One Mechanic

One Metallurgist

One Watchmaker

One Mathematical Instrument Maker

Two Botanists

Five German Musicians

53 Attendants (personal entourage)

95 Military Escort

Two Tutors

700 ‘men on voyage’


The gifts for the Emperor were meant to amaze and astound – astronomical devises of the day, including a large planetarium, a telescope, and a large lens, 4 Vuliamy English made clocks and watches, musical automata, Birmingham made garden tools, Argand oil lamp.

In all these gifts amounted to the value of some £78,000.

In today’s money, that’s somewhere very close to £6 million.


In the 1790s, you could have bought any one of the following:

7,428 horses

15,600 cows

86,666 stones of wool (who knew wool was weighed in stones?)

13,708 quarters (1/4 tons) of wheat

520,000 days wages of a skilled tradesman


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