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William Stone & The Park

A Visit in 1861

‘On the 20th we went (from Oaklands, Purbrook) with Minnie and Sarah (Napier), and saw the beautiful gardens and grounds of Leigh Park, formerly Sir George Staunton’s, but lately sold to a Mr Stone.

The collection of tropical plants in the hot-houses is one of the finest that I have ever seen in this country (Kew excepted), both for the number of plants and for their beauty and vigour of growth. I noticed particularly a magnificent Allamanda, covering a great space, and loaded with gorgeous gold coloured flowers like those of an Echites; Nelumbium speciosum (Lotus flower), very fine, with many of its curious seed vessels; Victoria Regia in flower; Rice in flower; those grand ferns, Angioptoris erecta, and Asplenium marginatum, in high perfection, and many other beautiful ferns.’


Memorials of Sir Charles F.J. Bunbury (Diaries and Correspondence), 1893

(Sir Charles, a well-known naturalist and diarist, was visiting Lady Napier, a relative of his at Oaklands, Purbrook. Lady Napier was the widow of General Sir Charles Napier who died at Oaklands, 29 August 1853).


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